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Caring for your Pewter piece

Pewter is an alloy consisting mostly of tin and is regarded as the fourth most precious metal it also has very small amounts of copper and antimony added for strength.
Contemporary pewter is perfectly safe to eat and drink from as it no longer contains lead which it once did and gave that familiar dark patina in antique pieces.
# Note that pewter can be marked by certain foods such as citrus juice, certain types of salad dressing containing vinegar or lemon so do please wash your piece immediately after use.
# Owing to pewters low melting point of 338 - 446 degrees Fahrenheit it's best to keep away from ovens, hot plates or open fires.
# DON'T EVER place in a dishwasher!

Satin Finished Pewter
You can use warm water and a mild washing-up liquid to clean.
Eventually, the piece may require a freshen up using very fine steel wool to bring it back to life.

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